Irons McDuff Architecture is an award winning Victorian based practice. Works include commercial, institutional and residential projects in inner city to regional Victoria and New South Wales.


Irons McDuff has 20 years experience working on a selection of design practices both locally and internationally, encompassing a wide range of projects from small alterations to multi-faceted commercial developments.

With a strong design focus, we are motivated to carefully design effective and sustainable solutions to achieve appropriate conditions, both environmental and social

We believe through discourse and re-interpretation of existing site and context, possibilities for renewal provide an opportunity for all architecture and environs to co-exist in the context of the living present. Therefore each project is approached in a logical problem solving technique to incorporate all aspects of site, context, environment, economics, needs and desires.

Completed works range from inner city Melbourne to remote country and coastal regions of Australia, each design exploring the intrinsic values of the project and its regional characteristic.

We aspire to produce a finely crafted architecture of space, form and materials which enrich the human experience.


Environmental sustainability is about making civilisation co-exist with nature, so that human society can still reach its’ maximum potential while still preserving biodiversity and natural ecosystems. Figures suggest that construction is responsible for 30 -50% of carbon emissions in Australia.

Irons McDuff Architecture takes this aspect of our work seriously and approaches it in an holistic manner. Incorporating social, cultural, ecological and economical aspects, we explore all opportunities available, including materials, energy consumption, water usage, cradle to grave footprint, recycling, reuse, and building techniques. While past experience brings a wealth of knowledge to the sustainable outcomes of a project, equally experience has taught us that each individual brief requires its own research and development to explore the options available.  Therefore, we work closely with our clients in the decision making process to establish the parameters and desirable outcomes, constantly researching new and old techniques and changing conditions.

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