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Barwon Heads Primary School bike shed concept

1716 Barwon Heads CFA.jpg

Barwon Heads Fire Station

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Shell Club Function Room & Facilities

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Barwon Heads Football Netball Club


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Trentham - alterations & additions - commencement early 2019


Ocean Grove - alterations & additions

Seems we are destined to work with north facing front yards…. and existing houses with living rooms facing them, when all the private yard is toward the rear. But a good front fence helps. Altered to form a private courtyard, sliding doors added to the living and dining – the house now engages with a new external space. Its new pergola and barbecue enclosure provides a new generous form to the street.

The new rear section, mirrors this form, the two now framing the existing building. The extension to the rear now provides a master bedroom and a combined play and study space which have a new relationship to the rear views. 


Caulfield South


Point Lonsdale

A classic 60’s cream brick house. A simple, enclosed verandah pod of expressed steel and louvres. The light and breezy space is a new version of the classic summer ‘sleep out’ when guests arrive for summer.


Barwon Heads


Barwon Heads

A series of pods appended to an existing simple 60’s holiday house. The essential issue was to retain the connection to the exterior areas, the north face to the street. So the house was opened up to allow living and play spaces to flow into each other, while bedroom and daybed pods were added to the side. The pods are simple forms, new floating plane roofs play with the  language of the existing flat roof . 


West Footscray

How do you provide a great entertainment space for a chef and matre de’ when the house faces north, but the garden is toward the south? Link the kitchen and living to the garden, and  create a pop up roof.  Retaining bedrooms and amenities in the original house, the original living space converts to new dining, and the extension provides open kitchen and living, the three entertainment spaces all linked together, and all engaged with the external areas. 


Bushfire House

Undertaken as a pro-bono project for a house lost in the Black Saturday Bushfires, this simple house is made of ‘pods' and has expanded the footprint of the original cottage. Designed as two pods:  one pod is open for living and the other pod contained for sleeping. It shields itself against the weather and fire prone area, but allows opening to views beyond.